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Sensitive Care for Delicate Diagnoses.

Serving all genders with their bowel, bladder, pain and sexual health needs  

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Bladder Health

Is your bladder uncooperative, emptying when it wants to or keeping you up at night?

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Bowel Health

are you suffering with constipation or stool incontinence?


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Male Sexual Health

Is your sexual performance meeting your expectations?


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Female Sexual Health

Do you experience painful or unsatisfying intercourse?

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Where does it hurt?

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Live in Freedom!

Our mission is to support your freedom to live life on your terms without the restriction of bowel, bladder or sexual health disruptions.

Is your life impacted by pain, bladder, bowel or sexual health difficulties? Have you been everywhere else looking for help? Consider coming to Pelvic Health Solutions where we are dedicated to finding the root cause of your problem and providing practical solutions.

Next steps:

Schedule evaluation from the link on this website.

What To Expect:

When we meet for your evaluation visit, you will be able to tell your story in detail before the painless examination. After that you will receive your first treatment and a home program to reinforce your progress in therapy.

Number of Visits Needed:

Neuro/musculoskeletal structures can take 4-6 weeks to improve to the next level of function (assuming a consistent home programs). This translates to 1 evaluation and 1 follow up visit per week for 4-6 weeks. (5-6 visits total)


A flat time based rate of $190 for the Evaluation and $100 for a  60 min Follow Up. Use your HSA if you wish. Comprehensive documentation for out of network insurance reimbursement is provided.

Meet the Doctor

The founder, Dr. Angela Treadway, DPT, PRPC, BCB-PMD began in practice 37 years ago. She serves as a bridge between conventional medical philosophy and functional medical wisdom, finding the deepest improvements in quality of life reside in this partnership.

Her education began with a B.S. in Physical Anthropology/ Archaeology, and moved on to an M.S. and Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

To that she added advanced certifications in Pelvic Rehabilitation (PRPC) from the Herman and Wallace Institute, and Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback (BCB-PMD) from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

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Phone: (512) 851-7070   |   Fax: (512) 551-4396    

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