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Female Sexual Health

We offer a variety of techniques that we combine to help you feel your best.

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Excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution- these are the phases of the human sexual response cycle identified by Masters and Johnson in 1966. To have them all in good working order, in theory, equals a healthy satisfying sex life.

..So, what gets them out of synch?

The big picture here includes mechanical factors (muscle function, soft tissue and joint mobility), physiological factors (hormones, cardiovascular health) and psychological factors (sexual identity sexual relationship).

Mechanical Factors: the pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance and speed of contraction are a primary contributor to vaginal receptivity, responsiveness, and orgasmic muscular response.

The soft tissue extensibility contributes to pain free vaginal penetration. Females who do not tolerate wearing tampons or having gynecological exams are usually challenged in this area and benefit from gentle progressive dilator therapy.

Joint mobility is necessary to have intercourse without hip or back pain.

Physiological Factors: hormone fluctuations during the life cycle are known to directly affect libido and responsiveness. These are managed by your medical professional.

Cardiovascular health directly affects your endurance and ability to sustain stimulating sexual activity sufficient to induce an orgasmic response. Cardiovascular health also determines your ability to achieve a clitoral erection.

Psychological Factors: this is a discipline all its own which is masterfully navigated by a specialized branch of psychology. These specialists are called Sex Therapists.

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